Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Shoeing at Balsam Meadows

Nick and I went snow-shoeing with my buddy Joe and his daughter Emily last Saturday. It was a very nice day. There were lots of clouds, and it was not too cold. Check out more pics in this Picasa album.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TV Upgrade

I just ordered satellite TV. I know that's probably not exciting for most people, but it is for me! We haven't had more than basic cable (the $20 version with the local channels plus a couple others) since the last millennium. I went for the cheap one (Dish). I know a guy who installs DirectTV and Dish and he said most of the complaints I may have heard from people about Dish are related to poor installation. I guess I'll know for myself pretty soon! Here's what I'm really excited about - all HD channels and an HD DVR! Our current DVR doesn't record HD programming, so watching any recorded program is visually un-appealing (especially since we have a nice Panny 42" 1080p plasma TV).

Check out this HD DVR I'll be getting! I'll be able to geek-out for at least a week if not a whole month tweaking and playing with it. Just think, I'll have to re-program my remote and figure out just how I want all my home theater components connected - what fun! Stay tuned for an update after next Friday when it is installed.